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Everyone’s favorite adhesive, epoxy also sees use as a coating compound, featuring an epoxy resin and a polyamine hardener, creating a glossy, attractive surface that lasts for years to come. Here’s everything you need to know about epoxy coatings for your flooring, worktops, and kitchens.

Epoxy is extremely resistant to corrosion, making it ideal for household objects that naturally suffer from wear and tear.

An epoxy coating applied to floors creates a high-performance surface that, in addition to looking beautiful, will last for years to come. Thanks to its capability to handle heavy loads, epoxy is also ideal for industrial sites.

There are a number of reasons to consider putting an epoxy coating on your flooring, worktops, or kitchen, but choosing the right floor coating is the hard part. The rest of this article will cover everything you need to know about epoxy coatings on different surfaces.

Epoxy Resin Services

Epoxy Flooring

Decorative Epoxy flooring can be finished in all types of finishes including Metallic epoxy flooring, Quartz epoxy flooring, Epoxy flake coatings, Epoxy terrazzo finishes Available on both commercial and domestic resin flooring projects.

Epoxy Worktops

One of the most common uses for epoxy is coating wood worktop spaces. In addition to giving the surface a glossy, polished look, the epoxy can also protect it from wear and tear, resisting scratches, scuffs, and chips that are common in other surfaces.

Epoxy Kitchens

Another popular place people often put epoxy is in their kitchens. Often, epoxy has the added benefit of giving the surface a clean, glossy finish. This shiny surface is especially effective in making the kitchen look polished adding to the aesthetic of the space.

Epoxy Resin Flooring

Epoxy resin floor coating is resistant to a range of conditions that would otherwise damage a non-coated floor. These include tire marks, chemicals, oil spills, and abrasions.

Being an expert epoxy flooring company, We cover all types of floors including.

  • Self levelling concrete epoxy
  • Non slip epoxy floor coating
  • Industrial epoxy flooring
  • Resin flooring Residential 
  • Epoxy resin terrazzo
  • Stone coat epoxy flooring
  • Commercial kitchen epoxy flooring

What Does It Cost to Epoxy a Floor

It varies depending on the job type and finish, we charge per square-foot to install an epoxy floor coating.  depending on the quality of epoxy flooring you’re using with added Labour cost per square foot depending on the finish you choose.

We advise all your options with our free consultation. 

Is Epoxy Flooring Good?

Epoxy is one of the most wear-and-tear resistant surfaces out there and among the most durable floor coatings you can buy, especially for outdoor spaces like a garage floor. It’s simple to install, lasts for a long period of time, and isn’t as expensive as some other floor coatings.

It is especially beneficial in outdoor areas like pool decks and patios due to its waterproof nature. The glossy aesthetic also works wonderfully with the shimmering water.

When properly installed, epoxy coatings can last well past 10 years—not a bad deal considering that the epoxy and topcoat can be dried in only a few hours.

Is Epoxy Flooring Slippery?

Epoxy flooring looks very glossy, giving the illusion that it’s slippery; however, this is just a misconception.

Epoxy floorings are not slippery by nature, but the difficulty arises when the flooring gets wet.

Since the epoxy surface is extremely smooth, the water tends to sit for a long period of time, creating a potentially hazardous surface.

With that being said, there are slip additives available for epoxy floors that can make them significantly more slip resistant, which might be prudent if you want to install epoxy flooring by your pool.

Is Epoxy Flooring Good for the Gym?

Epoxy flooring is an excellent option for the gym since it’s able to withstand a heavy load (like a squat rack packed to the max) without breaking a sweat.

It’s also more than capable of handling a lot of foot traffic from all the gym-goers, a feat unmatched by other conventional flooring solutions.

It’s especially resistant against scratches, chips, and cracks, which are bound to occur at both a subscription-based gym and a home gym. Eventually, someone is going to drop or scuff a weight on the floor, but thankfully, epoxy is the ideal solution to keep the floors looking beautiful and glossy despite all the heavy equipment and foot traffic.

Is Epoxy Flooring Better than Tiles or Laminate

There are a number of reasons you may choose epoxy flooring over tiles, but at the end of the day, it comes down to your personal preference.

Tiles have their aesthetic value and are durable enough, but epoxy is generally cheaper, easier to install, and more resistant to chips and cracks.

In addition, thanks to the magic of spatial perception, the grout-less and seamless nature of epoxy makes the space you’re using it in feel much more open, while the partitioned tiles make a space seem smaller.

Compared to laminates, epoxy is generally stronger and more resistant than laminate, but may be more susceptible to solvents found in some cleaners, including vinegar. In addition, epoxy generally requires more prep work and proper execution to lay than laminates do.

Epoxy Worktops

Epoxy resin kitchen worktops are super durable and long lasting, we can cover old tired looking worktops to make them look brand new with an epoxy resin coating of your choice.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Epoxy Worktops?

Epoxy worktops are becoming a more popular solution to refinish surfaces thanks to their polished finish, strength, and stain resistance.

Epoxy is durable and non-porous, making it naturally resistant to stains. It’s also dead easy to clean, with soap and water being all you need to wipe off marks on an epoxy worktop.

In addition, epoxy offers a layer of heat resistance, keeping it looking brand new for longer than other countertops.

  • While epoxy worktops offer a lot of benefits, there are some negatives to consider.

For example, installing an epoxy worktop yourself is quite difficult—installing it correctly is a must to get a beautiful finish and the protection that epoxy offers. Doing so is often difficult, requiring you to tape off floors and walls to protect them from any epoxy spills.

  • There’s no going back with epoxy, so it’s important to get a good finish and avoid spills wherever possible.

Lastly, during the drying process, the epoxy releases some nasty organic compounds that must be ventilated to avoid stinking up your worktops

Are Epoxy Worktops Good for Outdoor Use?

Epoxy worktops can be used outside and still offering great protection, a beautiful finish, and a durable coat; however, regular epoxy does tend to yellow over time, which isn’t exactly appealing to look at. to avoid this, we need to purchase specialised epoxy that’s designed for outdoor use, a product that can be significantly more expensive.

Can Epoxy Worktops Handle Heat?

Epoxy worktops are highly heat resistant and can handle a range of conditions that would damage other surfaces. It’s no surprise given just how heat resistant epoxy is that it’s the go-to worktop solution for many industries that rely on power tools to cut and shape materials.

What Does It Cost to Epoxy a Worktop?

Cost is based on per square foot to apply an epoxy coat to a worktop, with the price variation depending on the company you hire and the quality of the epoxy they’re using.

If your looking for a quote, you can contact us for a free no obligation quote.

Is Epoxy Safe for Kitchen Worktops?

Epoxy worktops are completely safe and non-toxic. These surfaces are also completely food safe, making it safe to eat food that has been on an epoxy worktop.

The important thing to remember is that the epoxy needs to be properly cured before it can be considered safe. It takes several hours after application for the resin to cure, and the area needs to be well-ventilated (and unoccupied) during that time.

How We Install Epoxy on Kitchen Worktops

If you’re hiring a company to epoxy your kitchen worktop, then you’ll want to make sure you go with pros who know what they’re doing. We at Lava Coatings are fully certified epoxy resin worktop installers based in the UK.

Applying epoxy resin isn’t particularly difficult, but it is unforgiving with mistakes.

As such, you should always be informed and shop by review when finding the right company.

  • Lava Coatings offer professional epoxy resin installation for your kitchen worktop using the following method:

Thoroughly cleaning old surfaces – Cleaning old surfaces thoroughly is important, since dirt or debris can cause the epoxy coating to be uneven.

Protecting nearby objects – The resin has a tendency to run off the project surface and onto nearby walls and the floor. As such, our professionals always tape off or border your project area with scrap wood pieces to stop the mixture from running to the ground.

Starting with a thin layer – The resin and hardener are mixed together and poured on the surface; applying the seal layer first helps reduce the risk of air pockets forming, giving a cleaner finish.

Handling air bubbles quickly – Air bubbles can make the mixture porous, which isn’t what you want. That’s why if our experts spot air bubbles popping up, they will address them right away with a torch or blow dryer, which will force the air out.

Hardening the resin – It’s important to let the epoxy harden for a few hours before adding a second coat. It will take 24 hours to ensure that the epoxy is fully cured.

The Bottom Line

Epoxy is a wonderful adhesive that also makes for a great coating. It’s strong, durable nature and nontoxic nature make it ideal for application on a number of surfaces, including flooring, worktops, and kitchen countertops.

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